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St. Augustine Visitor Information Center

In the spring of 2005, Jan Tomlinson Master and I were asked by the architect team of Fred Halback and Les Thomas to create a mosaic for the Visitor Information Center. Their vision for the art was designed to welcome the millions of visitors to Historic St. Augustine each year. We were given a copy of the one of the earliest maps of the walled city, circa 1700, and from that, we were commissioned to create and install the design.


This project will hold a special place for Jan and I. Both our families have lived in St. Augustine for nearly 20 years. We want to extend our thanks and appreciation to the wonderful staff at the City of St. Augustine and Visitors Information Center. Finally, an extra special thank you to Fred Halback and Les Thomas for having the courage and vision to design the most beautiful and significant public structure since the Flagler Era. 

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