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PAL Project 

The project was commissioned through the City of Jacksonville's Art in Public Places Program. My great friend and artist Jan Tomlinson Master and I were fortunate to be asked to work with about 100 PAL (Police Athletic League) kids as part of PAL’s after school & summer enrichment program.


For nearly six months, we worked with these wonderfully talented neighborhood children. With each passing phase of the project, the children steadily transformed into proud artists (and now stewards) that embodies the true spirit of this artwork. The 406 square-foot mosaic project now defines the entry walls, outside columns and the entrance archway of the building. PAL uses the facility primarily for after school and athletic programs.


The imagery which includes spirals, butterflies, and harlequin shapes represents the hopes, dreams, and aspirations of the children. In addition, the entrance walls and canopy are inscribed with words of inspiration for the children to see every day as they enter and leave the building.


The Jacksonville Art in Public Places Program APP) is directed by the City’s appointed Public Art Commission, with administrative services provided by the Cultural Council of Greater Jacksonville. The project was funded through the Art in Public Places Ordinance which allows for the dedication of three-quarters of one percent of construction and design costs of new or renovated public facilities for the purchase of public art.

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